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Friday, 25 Apr 2014

Cash Drawers FAQ

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A Cash Drawer is a compartment where you can store coins and notes.

It is usually found attached to Point of Sales (POS) systems like ViViPOS and cash registers. It can also be a operate alone simply to store cash and notes.

Cash drawers can either be connected to a receipt printer, cash drawer triggers, opened manually with a key or pushed to open.

POS Now have been dedicated to deliver a variety of A-grade cash drawers to Australian businesses.

We have 2 major types of cash drawers: Manual Cash Drawer and Electronic Cash Drawers.

Manual Cash Drawers

No power is required for manual cash drawers. These cash drawers work independently to cash registers and POS systems. 
Our unique touch cash drawers are different to other manual cash drawers in the market is that it has an extra operating mode. In addition to using the cash drawer key to lock and unlock the cash drawer, in "Touch" mode, you have the ability to push the drawer open and close without the key. Of course, when you lock the cash drawer with a key, the cash drawer will not open.

POS Now Heavy Duty Cash Drawers Touch!

POS Now Heavy Duty Cash Drawers Touch Compact!

POS Now Heavy Duty Cash Drawers Touch w/ Steel Front


Electronic Cash Drawers

Electronic cash drawers are designed to be driven opened using a cash register or Point of Sales (POS) systems via RJ12 port. RJ12 socket and cables look similar to a telephone cable. These cash drawers draw power from receipt printers, POS systems and cash registers. Receipt printers, cash registers and POS system sends a 12V or 24V signal to the cash drawer to activate the solenoid to open the cash drawer.
If your receipt printer or cash register do not have a RJ12 port, you can get a Serial or USB Cash Drawer Trigger, which drawers power from your PC or Terminal's USB port.

Standard Electronic Cash Drawers

Heavy Duty Electronic Cash Drawers - Compact

Heavy Duty Electronic Cash Drawers - Ultra Compact

Heavy Duty Electronic Cash Drawers

Flip Top Electronic Cash Drawers


USB Cash Drawer Triggers

Serial Cash Drawer Triggers

Under Counter Cash Drawer Mount

Cash Trays

Lockable Lids

POSNow Cash Safe